Valentines Day Gifts for HER (part 2)

Can't decide what to give your girl this Valentines Day? Check out some unique valentines day gifts  for her that are sure to please. Cheers to a lovely February 14th!


Rose Champagne for Valentines What is better than roses. Ok, roses are nice, give her roses AND Champagne. Send a bottle of Bubbly this Valentines Day and be guaranteed a romantic end to the evening. Or start that date off right with a bottle of your favorite rose.

"Champagne is the only wine that leaves a woman beautiful after drinking it."
~Sir Winston Churchill



Valentines LIQUEUR for Women

If you can't take her to Paris give her the essence of that magical city with the worlds first sparkling liqueur. Looking more like a perfume bottle than your traditional liquor bottle this is a gift that is meant to be savored. A blend of premium vodka and sparkling wine NUVO is truly L'Espirt de Paris. Introducer your love to Paris.

St Germain Elderflower Liqueur

Valentine Liquor GiftShe was a sucker for a man who bought her flowers...

It certainly didn't look like any bouquet shed received before! Floral notes and rich spices dances across her tongue, and she was hooked.

She would never ask for roses again.

 - - - -

A Sophisticated Gift Set

Valentine Gift Set for WomenWhether its Riesling or Barolo she loves, show you care with an elegant gift set chosen by our team of Spirited Sommeliers. Beautifully Packaged these wine selections will show that you both listen and care when you choose one to match her tastes.

Wine. A gift that says "I LOVE YOU".

 - - - - 


Nothing says I love you like chocolate, and surely chocolate in its liquid form is better than any old chocolate bar!  Choose from a full line of Godiva Products to send a bottle of luxurious liqueur.



The perfect Valentine's gift - Sweet and a perfect pairing for chocolate!

Don't just give her a box of chocolates... Spice it up with a bottle of what has proved to be the BEST pairing with chocolate anywhere. Don't believe us? Try one of these with that molten lava cake and try to argue your point. No? DIdn't think so...

Perfect Valentine's gift

Valentines Day is February 14th.
Order By February 5th for
Guaranteed Delivery
(excludes engraved items) 

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