Gifts for Bourbon Lovers.

Gift a gift of Bourbon and Cigars for Guy's Poker Night.

When it is your turn to host poker night, it is time to impress. No beer and peanuts are invited to your party. You are here to play in the big leagues. Not only understanding the game is of importance, but also knowing what to serve your guests. When inviting colleagues, partners, and the boss, show them that you have sophisticated style as well as class with gifts for bourbon drinkers.

Only the Best Gifts for Bourbon Drinkers.

stagg_jr_bourbon__78585.1407759178.1280.1280Stagg Jr. Barrel Proof Kentucky straight bourbon is unique, rich, sweet bourbon that delivers a chocolate and brown sugar flavor combined with cherries, cloves, and a slight smokiness. It has won several awards such as the Gold Medal in the 2016 International Wine and Spirits Competition as well as the 2016 Best of Category in the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. Made in Kentucky, this bourbon is only released in two batches per year. Therefore, it is a rare commodity to offer your guests. Another fine spirit to serve would be Prichard’s Single Malt Whiskey. This 40 percent alcohol volume malt whiskey is perfect for sipping or mixing with cocktails. Prichard’s offers a classic Celtic flavor, only combining the finest ingredients which are distilled in copper stills in Tennessee and aged perfectly to create a sophisticated, smooth and spicy whiskey. You and your guests will thoroughly enjoy the notes of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and hints of allspice with this single malt whiskey.

A Fine Cigar, with Fine Bourbon.

cigarcremedelacreme_copyWhat man doesn’t enjoy a fine cigar? Offering a bourbon and cigar gift box will show your guests that you appreciate the finer things in life. And when ordering from Spirited, you will have the best of both worlds. Choose from several bourbons such as Bakers, Basil Hayden, Bookers, or Jack Daniels. Next, choose from a selection of fine cigars. There is the “cream of the cream” sampler, the Montecristo collection, Old Cuban Brands Revival, Romeo y Julieta Ultimate, or the Churchill sampler set. Dating back to 1796, Basil Hayden bourbon whiskey was introduced when George Washington was president. Today, this fine bourbon is still being produced in Kentucky, just as Hayden senior created it. Enjoy your bourbon while also appreciating a Romeo y Julieta full-bodied flavored cigar. These cigars were named after Shakespeare’s play and have become world renowned. The silky smooth texture offers an oak and coffee flavor and produces an alluring aroma.This gift set has been awarded with five-star reviews, so whichever combination that you choose, you will know that you are offering the best.

Bourbon Gifts to Impress.

chicken_cock_root_beerTo really impress your guests, purchase a bottle of Lock, Stock & Barrel Limited release 13 year old straight rye whiskey. This whiskey is being offered as a limited edition and is bottled at 101.3 proof. With the long maturation, the aroma produces a salted caramel fragrance along with notes of toffee. The balance of the sweet aroma along with the spicy undertone brings about an elegant finish. Another limited edition bourbon whiskey that Spirited has to offer is the Jefferson’s Groth reserve cask finish Kentucky bourbon whiskey. This unique bourbon is finished in barrels that have produced Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, California. Taking the bourbon whiskey and putting it into the barrels during the summertime allows for the wine to “sweat out”. After ten months, the wine and bourbon combines and creates an absolutely elegant taste. The end result is a whiskey that has dark berry flavors mixed with fully matured Kentucky straight bourbon. If you would like to offer a selection of flavored whiskey, we have many for you to choose from. For a mellow taste, the Collingwood toasted Maplewood blend is a nice change from the traditional whiskey taste. A fun whiskey is the Chicken Cock root beer whiskey. Established in 1856, in Kentucky, Chicken Cock was popular during the Prohibition era and was smuggled into speakeasies in nondescript tin cans. When the original distillery burned down, this whiskey was no longer produced, now it is being produced again and new fun flavors are being created. If your poker night is being hosted during the winter time, a nice bottle of Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack would be perfect for sharing. Treat this whiskey like you would a hot toddy and serve it warm. By heating the liquor, you will notice an aroma of apple cider, cinnamon, and clove.

Gifts for the Bourbon Lover.

america_bourbon_01To continue with your now popular poker night tradition, consider joining one of the gifts of the month clubs. Offering your guests something new each time you have your gathering will allow all of you to sample many quality liquors that you won’t find elsewhere. Also, by offering a selection, you will learn more about your guests and will know exactly what to purchase for them on special occasions. By joining the Gift of the Month Club, you can choose from liquors such as gin, vodka, tequila, World whiskeys, wine, and also cigars. Each month you will receive a different bottle (for three months) of unique liquor based on the selection you have chosen. The vodka trilogy will offer vodkas from different regions of the world, including Russia, France, or the United States. With the America’s Bourbon Club, you will receive a bottle of rare bourbon from states such as Texas, Colorado, and California. Whichever club you choose to join, you will always receive something new and unique coming your way.

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