Show Appreciation with these Thank-You Liquor Gifts

Show appreciation with these thank-you liquor gifts, which include the following:

These gift liquor bottles range from sophisticated single bottles to elaborate gift sets.

So whether you are sending these liquor gifts to a client to show your appreciation for the honor to work for them or to a good friend who lent their home for a week vacation for you and you family, these gifts of liquor will impress when showing appreciation.

The Best Liquor Gifts

The first item on our list that we recommend is the excellent Macallan Rare Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Macallan Rare Cask Single Malt Scotch WhiskyThe following is from the product page:

Sweet and savory, Macallan Rare Cask is a welcome addition to those who miss the old Cask Strength bottling of the Macallan line of whisky.  Aged in oak casks until it had just the right combination of flavors, this scotch is a masterpiece. You'll love the succulent vanilla, toffee, cream, and chocolate when combined with the tartness of ripened fruit and bold spices. Smooth and warm in the mouth, it finishes brilliantly with a hint of pepper.

In eluding to its rarity - less than one percent of the casks make the cut for this premium product. Not only are you getting a scotch from one of the most prestigious distilleries in Scotland, you are sending their most exquisite bottle. A gift to be remembered.

As the last line provides, this is definitely a liquor gift that will be valued and remembered. It is size 750 ml. and is priced for $459.

A second excellent item to show appreciation is the exquisite I.W. Harper 15 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The 15-year old Kentucky bourbon — a good bourbon for a gift — comes in a distinctive bottle.

While the bottle dates back to 1879 when it was made by Isaac Bernheim, the bourbon gift idea has not been available in the United States since 1995.

When tasting this bourbon, which is 8 percent barley, 86 percent corn and 6 percent rye, the drinker is greeted by dark chocolate, mint and oak on the nose, along with a taste of caramel, citrus, raisins and vanilla.

The perfect gift for bourbon lovers comes in size 750 ml. and is priced for $149.

Moscow Mule Gift Set with 2 Copper Mugs (Grey Goose Vodka)A third recommended item that is recommended as it provides a unique liquor gift is the Moscow Mule Gift Set with 2 Copper Mugs (Grey Goose Vodka).

This gift of liquor comes in a fantastic combination — a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka along with two copper mugs. The combination allows the gift recipient to make the signature Moscow Mule drink.

This is a perfect gift as the recipient can make the signature Moscow Mule cocktail at their own convenience for themselves or guests to celebrate special occasions. Each time the recipient of the liquor gift uses the Grey Goose Vodka and the two copper mugs, they will smile in appreciation.

Grey Goose is known as the “world’s best tasting vodka.” Bottle in France in small batches, the vodka is distilled from grain and made from pure water that is drawn from the Gent Springs and filtered through champagne limestone.

It is priced for $115.

A fourth recommended gift liquor bottle comes in the Johnnie Walker Collection Gift Set. These whiskey gifts delivered include the best items from Johnnie Walker with their elite labels.

Send whiskey gift to those who you appreciate, such as an adult neighbor who walked your dog while you were on vacation in another country.

Included in this gift of liquor are Johnnie Walker Gold, Johnnie Walker Blue, Johnnie Walker Black and Johnnie Walker Platinum. These bottles are sized in 200 ml. and the gift liquor bottles set is priced for $199.

Another recommended liquor gift from our vast inventory to consider is the Jameson Caskmates Gift Set With Cigars. This item combines the excellent taste of Jameson Caskmates with a cigars that are high end.

The Jameson Caskmate has notes of caramel, coffee and chocolate, providing an enjoyable sipping experience.

The cigar choses for this item include one of the following:

  • Cream of the Cream Cigar Sampler
  • Montecristo Connoisseur Collection Cigar Sampler
  • Old Cuban Brands Revival Cigar Sampler
  • Romeo y Julieta Ultimate Sampler
  • Ultimate Churchill Cigar Sampler

Each of these items are perfect for many occasions, most importantly for the recipient’s consumption. The juxtaposition of whiskey and cigars in one product is a game changer.

It is currently priced for $129.

Lastly, consider the Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey — one of the best gifts for the bourbon lover. The following is from the product page:

The Russells hand pick the barrels of bourbon and then mature them in charred American White ok to create Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey. The bourbon is aged for a total of 8-9 years and contains a mash bill of 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% malt.

The result is a whiskey with a nose of caramel, citrus, toffee and vanilla, and a taste that varies depending on bottle, including caramel, oranges, spices, oak, rye, toffee and vanilla, as well as a small burn.

Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey has a smooth complexity that will keep you coming back for more.

The bottle is sized 750 ml. and is priced for $120.

The Best Vodka and Whiskey Gifts Delivered

This article provided a couple excellent ideas to send as a thank-you gift. These are expertly made and highly valued by our previous customers.

To order one of these excellent liquor gifts today, place your cursor over the hyperlink and follow it to the product page.

For additional recommendations, we recommend reaching out to one of our skilled representatives by calling (855) 846-4438; during non-working hours, we recommend that you visit our blog, which is constantly being updated.

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This vodka gift set is enough for 8 cocktails. No recipe needed. Pomegranate Martini with Grey Goose Vodka.

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