Top 11 People that Need to be on your Christmas Shopping List

Top 11 people that need to be on your Christmas shopping list, that are ofter forgotten...This time of year is full of such joy and high spirits; it is the time to show people that make your life special you care. Now it is easy to remember to buy for your family and friends, but there is a group of people that you may forget and this is the time of year not to, you can get away with showing everyone you care.  These are the people that make your life easier, provide services that are so needed to make your days go smoother, that help free time up in your schedule to spend time with your loved ones, and sadly they get overlooked because of all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  When you remember to include this forgotten group of special people on your gift list the gesture will be greatly appreciated and remembered throughout the year.

  1. Mail Carriers.

    How important is it for you to receive your online orders or equally important that the special card you mailed to your best friend reaches them by their birthday so they know how much you love them? These don't seem like much, but when it matters these fine men and women save the day by doing their job well. They work hard, come rain or shine and this is a great time of year to express your gratitude.


  2. Garbage Collectors

    Can you imagine if your trash wasn't collected a couple times a week? Or how smelly and gross your neighborhood would feel? I know when there is a holiday, we are desperate for their return in our household. This is a job that not everyone wants to do and we are very thankful for those that take on this responsibility. These individuals take pride in the fact they keep our communities clean and we should take some time out of our busy holiday schedules to say thank you, especially because we make so much more trash this time of year.

  3. Lawn Maintenance

    This is a special group of people, they too work in many different weather conditions all for our viewing pleasure.  It is because of this fine group of people we don't spend our weekends pruning our lawns, instead we get to relax and take in the view of their hard work.

  4. Security Guards

    For people that live in gated communities and apartment buildings, these wonderful men and women diligently work 24/7 to make us and our families feel safe and secure.  This is a feeling that is priceless and if you haven't been vandalized or robbed that means your security workers are doing a great job.  They lose sleep and time with their families; this is a sacrifice that should not go unnoticed.


  5. Concierge Desk

    The friendly faces that greet you every morning and welcome you home from a long day, they are there only to please you and make your life a little easier.  They make your guests feel welcome, accept special deliveries, even help you with your bags.  They don't do this for gratuities, it is their job and they are happy to be of service.  It is the daily small gestures that make a difference in your day and help your life go a little smoother. Let them know how much that really does mean this time of year.

  6. Crossing Guards

    There is a special breed of person that is designed to do this job. The amount of patience and positivity, so early in the morning will amaze anyone. They take the time to learn your child's name, keep them safe, and help direct the crazy morning drop off traffic...all with a big smile on their face.  This is yet another job that endures all weather types and the amount dedication to keeping the children safe is something to be admired.  Let your child hand deliver a thoughtful treat to keep that smile going the rest of the school year. crossing-guard

  7. Custodian/Janitor - Office, Apartment, School, or Community

    How nice is it to walk into a clean office, classroom, lobby, or street?  People that clean for a living work hard, very hard, they don't get to clock out until the job is done.  It is easy to take what they do for granted, but believe me, if they didn't do their job they would be missed.janitor

  8. Hair Stylist

    Who doesn't feel great after a trip to the salon or barber shop? Majority of hair stylists make a decent living, but work gruelling hours to do so.  They are there for you when you get off of work or early Saturday morning when you have a special event that night. They keep you looking your best and if you have a good relationship, they tend to be your counsellors too. They are more than your stylist, they are your friends.


  9. Nail Technician

    This one's for the ladies, although men are more than welcome to take a moment to pamper themselves too. Ladies, you know that if you take care of your nail tech they will take care of you. They pamper you every other week, maybe sneaking in an extra minute on the foot massage...pamper them this time of year. nail

  10. Receptionist (of anywhere you frequent on a weekly basis)

    Whether you go to see a doctor, salon, masseuse, your child's front office, counsellor, your home association, the bank, or anywhere someone is serving you, these are the people that pull the strings and get you in.  We have all had a moment where we needed them to work us in, when you were pinched for time and they made it happen.  Thank them...because they really don't have to, they are just paying it forward and putting good into the world.  These gestures make all the difference on your day and your mood.  So brighten their day with a small token of appreciation. receptionist

  11. Extra Curriculum Coaches/Teachers

    Most of these people are volunteers and take time out of their personal lives to be a part of a child's experience in a sport.  They do it for their own children and sometimes for the pure love of the sport, but at the end of the day, they do it from the heart. Give from your heart to let them feel the same love they give.

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