St. George Spirits Vodka Gift Set


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How do you make a vodka lover's day? By giving them the St. George Spirits Vodka Combo Pack, that's how!

Infused with fresh produce and ingredients, the St. George Spirits Vodka Combo Pack features some of the latest artisanal vodka varietals from the St. George banner. This flavored vodka set features fun, versatile and intensely flavorful artisanal vodka bottles that will surely make celebrations with friends even more fun and special. The St. George Spirits Vodka Gift Set come with the St. George All Purpose Vodka, St. George California Citrus Vodka, and the St. George Green Chile Vodka. The St. George Spirits Vodka Combo Pack lets you have a sampling of three of the finest non-GMO, artisanal vodka varietals from St. George - making it the perfect gift to give your vodka-loving friends and family!

The St. George Spirits Vodka Combo Pack comes with three intensely smooth and flavorful vodka varietals that are filtered to perfection in traditional copper stills. The meticulous filtration process gives each blend that pure and vibrant palate you can't find anywhere else. This artisanal vodka set features the St. George All Purpose Vodka that is made using Bartlett pears that lend a clean and versatile tasting profile to the blend. The St. George California Citrus Vodka is made using California-grown Valencia oranges that gives this infused vodka a zesty and refreshing flavor profile. Lastly, the St. George Green Chile Vodka is infused with a medley of California-grown chilis that give this infused vodka a sweet and savory flavor profile that complements the smooth finish. The St. George Spirits Vodka Combo Pack is the perfect addition to a vodka lover's mini bar.

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St. George Spirits Vodka Gift Set
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