Spirited Gifts Scholarship

Making ends meet is always going to be a challenge, and when you are in a college or university, the challenge is doubled. Not only do you have to find a way to pay rent, utilities, and other expenses, you have to come up with a way to pay for your tuition, your books, and a dozen other school related expenses. We’re not going to mince words here: school is expensive, very expensive. That being said, you need to find a way to balance it all, and sometimes you just wish someone would show up and give you a helping hand. SpiritedGifts is here today to offer that helping hand with a $1000 scholarship which will be awarded to the most deserving individual. School is expensive, life is expensive, and we’re more than happy to provide the help. Want to know more? Would you like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity? Well then keep reading!

Application requirements for Spirited Gifts scholarship

If you would like to apply for our scholarship you will need to meet the criteria that we have outline for you below:

  • Be enrolled: Make sure that you are enrolled at an accredited College or University
  • Write: Have the ability to write for submission your own blog post or essay on an approved topic. Speak to our scholarship program for more information on approved topics.
In order to get started, the applicant will need to write an essay on the approved topic, provided by Spirited Gifts. Remember that many entries will be received, as with any contest, but only one winner can be selected per year. The chosen winner for the annual contest will be showcased on our website, which gives you not only a decent amount of exposure, but also the money you really need to jump start your year.

Meeting the criteria

When you submit your blog entry you will need to meet the following criteria if you wish to be considered:

  • Length - All entries need to be 600 words in length or greater to be considered.
  • Formatting - You must use the proper formatting for your entry, which is outlined as following: Title, Body, Conclusion.
  • Send - When you are finished with your essay it must be submitted via mail to the correct address.

While in compliance with the requirements that have been mentioned above, it will be required for applicants to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours Undergraduate or 3 hours for graduate courses. Additionally, as stated above, the university attended needs to be accredited. In order to fully qualify students need to prove that they do indeed have a declared major, and they must be involved with at least one extracurricular activity. If an activity is not being pursued at the college, the student needs to be involved in the community surrounding the college that they are attending.

Additional requirements

Along with the items mentioned above, the following requirements will need to be met in order for applicants to fully qualify for the scholarship:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Provide a Letter of Recommendation from your College (On official college letterhead)
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or Higher at your Accredited Institution

When sending your submission to Spirited Gifts it must be mailed to the address on the application. Please avoid sending us the following:

  • Flash Drives
  • CD’s
  • DVD’s
  • Tax Returns
  • Bank Balances
  • Resumes / CV’s

Any submissions containing these items will be returned and as always make sure that you keep a copy of your submission for your records.

How to participate

Do you meet all of the above requirements? Are you ready to submit your entry to our scholarship contest? Remember to submit your paper by December 10th 2017 and make sure that your package includes the following:

  • Your Full Name (First, Middle, and Last)
  • Article Submission
  • Phone Number (Home and Cell)
  • E-Mail Address
  • GPA Transcript
  • All Aforementioned Items

Get ahead financially with this scholarship whether you want to purchase a few books, get some school supplies, or make your life a little bit easier while you are attending school.