No. 209 Gin


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Help raise your friend’s bartending game by introducing them to the delectable all-American flavors of the No. 209 Gin.

Based in California, the No. 209 distillery has been making award-winning spirits for over 130 years. Established in 1882 by winemaker-turned-distiller William Scheffler, the distillery is the 209th to be registered in the country – a source of pride to Scheffler who even painted the number on his distillery as he set out to fulfill his dream of crafting his own repertoire of exquisite spirits.

The 87th incarnation of their signature gin, the No. 209 Gin continues Scheffler’s legacy with its superb flavors, meticulous craftsmanship, and exceptional versatility as a spirit. Made from corn sourced from the Midwest, the gin undergoes a total of 5 distillations with the first 4 using a tradition column still to achieve a spirit optimal smoothness and purity. The final distillation is then done using a 25-foot alembic copper pot-still and only after the spirit has been flavored with the botanicals after maceration. The final product is gin brimming with invigorating citrus and herbal notes that serves as an excellent base for many sophisticated cocktail creations.

On the nose, the gin yields a lush bouquet of citrus, juniper, licorice, orris root, angelica, and coriander. This then gives way to a bittersweet palate of bergamot, orange oil, lemon, citrus zest, more juniper, spice, cereal grain, and cassia, wrapped up by a clean and refreshing finish of more cassia notes, herbs, and juniper.

A recipient of the gold medal at The Gin Masters 2014, the No. 209 Gin is definitely the gin to have for any cocktail connoisseur. So don’t hesitate to treat friends and family to a bottle or two and let them indulge in the flavors of this quintuple-distilled gin.

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Includes one bottle of No. 209 Gin.

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