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Russian Standard Vodka Gifts

Russian Standard Vodka

When you think of Vodka you think Russia. When you think Moscow Mule you think Russia. Coincidence? Some of the best and well-loved vodka's come from the motherland of Russia and at the top of this list is Russian Standard Vodka. Following after traditional Russian culture and their history in making (and drinking) vodka, Russian Standard is able to not only be the best vodka of the past but also stand out in this day and age. With Russian Standard Original as the perfect mixing vodka - especially popular in 'The Standard Mule' along with the many Moscow mule variations, you can find featuring this distinguished vodka.  Let's not forget the Russian Standard Platinum, filtered with silver and perfect for your Bond-style martini. Russian Standard Gold comes out during the holidays and marketed as the only vodka for gifts and celebration. Presented in an elegant embossed bottle and a real rose gold-foiled label it is sure to please. Lastly, you have Imperia Vodka - you may not know this has anything to do with the Russian Standard Brand, but it does! Standing out as a super premium vodka the 1.75 Liter of this beauty will match any home bar. Cheers!