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Richland Rum

Richland Single Estate Old Georgia Rum

When the trend is to go all natural and you drink rum you have a problem. Most rums now are made from molasses, not sugarcane resulting in a cheaper and less tasty  product and with a side of 'headache' in the morning. Fortunately, you can find craft distilled rum from the plantation lands of Georgia.  The award winning Richland Rum is  meticulously handcrafted in the USA from unrefined sugarcane homegrown at the proprietor’s Estate ‘Richland Estate' in Georgia.  This along with artisanal water from the Georgia Aquifer make a clean and pure rum. Unrefined  cane syrup combined with a long fermentation in small copper pot stills make a rum that is smooth and ready to be aged in fresh American Oak. 

RICHLAND RUM is all natural, authentic, not blended, does not contain preservatives, taste enhancers, color agents or additives of any kind. And gluten free, naturally!