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Patrón Tequila Gifts - Raising the Bar

You can count on any Patrón Tequila ultra-premium tequila to raise to the occasion. Send Patron Tequila Gifts to your recipient as a special Birthday or Congratulations Gift. A Bottle of Patron Grand Platinum makes a wonderful Thank You Gift or Engrave a bottle of Patron Tequila for a graduation or military gift. Patron Tequila Gifts are perfect served straight up or used in a top-shelf margarita and we have a Patron Margarita Gift Set or a wide selection of Patron Gift Baskets for that next tequila gift you need. Want unique tequila gifts? Look no further than our large selection of Patron Tequila

Patron Tequila and Copper Pineapple Cup Gift Set


Patron Anejo Tequila and Gold Pineapple Shot Glass Gift Set

  • Engravable

Gran Patron Platinum Tequila (Engraved Bottle)

When it comes to tequila, there is no better than Patron.

Gran Patron Platinum Tequila proves this fact, yet again. Made from 100% of the world's finest blue agave, it's triple distilled and then aged to pure perfection. For nothing but the best this tequila is it. The result? Ultra-smooth tequila that is made for sipping. Engrave a bottle for a stand out gift.

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Engrave or add a cedar gift box to upgrade your gift. Engraved bottles take an additional 5-7 days for delivery.


  • Engravable
  • Bestseller

The gift of a bottle of tequila is one nearly anyone will appreciate.

Patron Silver Tequila Gift Basket . Take the...

  • Minibar Bottle

This Patrón Tequila Miniature Gift Set will keep you prepared for all types of emergencies.

There’s no...

  • Engravable
  • XL Bottle

This large bottle of tequila will see you through many sunrises…and sunsets.

If you’re like many people, Patrón IS ...