7 Horrible Wine Names that Don’t Stop People from Buying

7 Horrible Wine Names that Don’t Stop People from Buying

Part of the wine experience is the luxurious sounding name, the classy bottle, and the clink of glass. However, some labels offer groan worthy or even scary visions that are anything but luxurious. Here are seven questionable wine names that don’t seem to stop people from buying.

Barefoot Wines

Barefoot Wines

A popular budget wine, this brand’s name brings to mind Lucy and Ethel stomping grapes in one of their classic episodes. Although bare feet are probably not used in production, the name might give you pause. Feet in your Bubbly?

Goats do Roam

Goats do Roam

This odd name actually comes from a charming family legend about goats accidentally let loose. Apparently, the goats only ate the best grapes in the vineyard, leading to the creation of innovative grape blends. Despite the odd name, the wine regularly gets high marks, proving the legendary goats might have known something about grapes.


OOPS Wine Family

After using Carmenere grapes as Merlot grapes for centuries, the French vineyard was informed of the difference in 1994 by a viticulturist. Taking the difference in stride, they labeled their brand Oops! and kept producing the unique blend of Merlot and Carmenere.

Oops Wine

Mad Housewife

The outrageous labels on this badly named wine market to the growing number of domestic drinkers. With an odd mix of 1950s images and modern-day wit, the brand is either hilarious or offensive, we don’t think she looks mad at all.

Mad Housewife Wine

Fat Bastard

On the other end of the spectrum is Fat Bastard wines. The name, which conjures up Godfather-esque Italian men, is stuck on a classy and minimalist label, creating a juxtaposition of style found only in the wine world. In fact, the brand has won several accolades and is one of the top rated wines at lower price points. We think they could have come up with a better label!

Fat Bastard Wine

Frog’s Piss

No matter how fruity and drinkable this wine might be, can you really see yourself sipping something with such a name? Whether they mean an actual frog or a Frenchman too far gone in his cups, it still sounds less than tasteful. (They didn’t make it - no longer available)

Frog’s Piss Wine

Cat’s Pee On A Gooseberry Bush

The only thing that might be worse than frog pee is the bitter, ammonia scent of a cat’s marking. Yet this citrusy vintage gets at least average ratings and pairs well with chicken or fish.

Cat’s Pee On A Gooseberry Bush

The old adage about books and covers probably also applies to wines and bottles. While there is something pleasing about a beautiful wine bottle and flowing name, perhaps there is also a place for outrageous names and hilarious labels.

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