What's in That Whiskey?

Iron Smoke Whiskey Distillery is one of many New York Distilleries, but this hand-crafted whiskey has an edge above the rest.  There are big names producing apple whiskey, but none can compare to the complex layers in Iron Smoke.  Their whiskey is packed with flavors of apple wood smoke, which creates a one of a kind whiskey. Musician and founder Tommy Brunett said, "it was like putting chocolate and peanut butter together" and whiskey lovers all over are grateful.  Iron Smoke is a distillery to keep your eye on, they push the limit and think outside of the box with their whiskies.

Behind the Scenes

Iron Smoke Distillery began with local farmers and it remains that way to this day.  Generations of local farmer's experience guarantees that they pay attention to every detail, down to the smallest grain.  The unique character of the apple smoke puts this whiskey in a class of its own.  They continually pride themselves doing everything local and on site. Using local ingredients, producing on site, distilling, ageing, branding, designing, and bottling. It is important to not leave too much of a carbon footprint, they not only care about their local neighbors, they care about the future.


Because this is a fairly new company they only have two products, but they are more about quality and not quantity. They have no current plans to produce anything but whiskey, they have a great recipe and they will just continue to expand.

Iron Smoke Apple Wood Smoked Whiskey

Iron Smoke Apple Wood Smoked Whiskey is their first label.  They took years perfecting the recipe and focus on making quality small batch whiskey. Iron Smoke is truly about virtue, from the natural locally sourced ingredients, to the devotion they give to their local and loyal customers.  The character that is integrated throughout all aspects of their brand is very respectable. The full-bodied whiskey which produces a warm apple finish put them on the map and became the essence of their second label, Rattlesnake Rosie's Apple Pie Whiskey.


Rattlesnake Rosie's Apple Pie Whiskey

This particular recipe has actual New York apple cider, cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar combined to the original Iron Smoke.  This is not your grandmother's apple pie...it is a liquid pie with a punch. The flavors are seamless with pronounced fresh out of the oven apple pie nuances.  There are a lot of whiskey brands that are branching out and dabbling in the added flavor game however, Iron Smoke is staying true to its local roots and continuing to use nothing but the best quality natural ingredients.



The proof is in the pudding...or in this case the bottle. Rattlesnake Rosie's Apple Pie Whiskey brought home the gold in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and was also honored with 8 other awards in 2016.

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For more information and recipes visit Iron Smoke's website.



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