Top Closing Gifts Given by Realtors According to New Homeowners

New homeowners were recently surveyed to determine the top closing gifts received from their realtor after closing on their home.  Realtors are always looking for creative ways to wow their clients with the traditional closing gift to celebrate the occasion and to leave a lasting impression.  There is a trick to this gift because it is given for two reasons: 1. To thank their client for choosing them to go on the journey of making one of the most important decisions of their life. AND 2. To gain a referral for future clients; this gift needs to be something that the buyer keeps as a memento, and hopefully uses or needs, which will ensure that the experience is something worth repeating or sharing with others. This is not an easy task because there are some rules of etiquette the realtor needs to consider, all the while trying to keep their purpose at the forefront of the purchase.

Things to consider like: not branding the company, after all it is about the buyer celebrating their home; highlighting the relationship developed over the course of this time by giving something relevant to the client's interests; cleverly exhibiting personality, because the realtor shouldn't brand themselves or the company they still have to leave the client with a lasting impression; and lastly the gift should be something that arrives after the homeowners move in, so it will seem more like a housewarming gift.


Homeowners were surveyed and these are the top gifts they feel managed to fit this equation.

1. Champagne Gift Baskets

Nothing says, "Let's celebrate!" better than Champagne.  This closing gift will be put to good use as the buyers toast to their happy occasion.  Clients will appreciate the attention to detail with this gift.  They will be so busy moving and setting up their new home, this is probably the last thing on their to-do list.  If you engrave the bottle it will be something that the buyers will keep as a cherished memory.

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Engraved Champagne Basket Engraved Champagne Basket

2. Sketch of Their New House

Unique, unique, unique!  Find a local artist that can produce this one of a kind, personal gift for the client.  They will cherish this amazing piece of art for the lifetime of the house or even longer.  The realtor could even put a special quote on there to make it more personal.  They will have plenty of empty wall space that needs to be filled, and how wonderful to help them start.

3. Map of Local Area

Presenting a map of the area they just moved into is a very creative and personal gift to give after closing on a house. Have it framed for them so they will display on the wall of their new home immediately.  Realtors can even put a little thank you note attached to the back.  This is especially special when they are moving from another state or town, this would mark the beginning of their uncharted adventures in their new area.

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4. Engraved Bottle - Wine, Liquor, or Champagne

This is a great closing gift because it is not only something they can enjoy and drink in their new home, but it is something they can treasure.  An engraved bottle is a multi-functional gift and it is sure to leave a lasting impression in a clients memory.  After they enjoy its contents they can display it or they can re-fill it and continue to use the same bottle.  People can't help but love gifts that have purpose.

Commemorate the Date Commemorate the Date

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5. Monogram Towels

This is a great gift because it is something people use every day or they could put it on display in their guest bathroom.  This is personal and practical.

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6. Monthly Subscription

A subscription is the gifts that keeps on giving.  Your clients will have a monthly reminder of what an amazing realtor they had and will enjoy there monthly gift.  A magazine for whatever you learned was a hobby of theirs, a fruit of the month club, or a wine subscription are some great suggestions.

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7. Fruit Basket

Everyone likes fruit, its the majority of what we are supposed to consume on a daily basis, so you can be sure it will be something used.

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8. Customized Key Chain

A key chain is a very appropriate closing gift, they have a new key and to hold it on a customized key chain will have your clients reminded of you daily.  This is a great small gift to give at closing to show your appreciation.  Give a quality key chain, one that will last the lifetime of their house.  Gifts people can use, especially everyday are not only daily reminders of the person they received it from, but it is also something people rarely treat themselves to.

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9. Lawn Ornament

What makes this gift appear on the list is simple, most people move in and concentrate on the interior of the house first.  That promotes the new homeowner to place this gift in their new yard and it will remain there as a reminder of their wonderful realtor.

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This list is just a small representation of all the amazingly unique gifts that are given.  We would love to hear your stories or suggestions to add to our list.


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