The Five Best Fall Bourbon Gift Ideas

The five best fall bourbon gift ideas are ideal gifts for the bourbon lover in your life. These are expertly made in unique processes, which make each of these bourbon gift ideas highly sought after from our previous customers.

These good bourbons for a gift are ideal for a range of occasions, such as birthday’s, job promotions, and more! Each of these potential bourbon gifts show appreciation for the recipient as the bourbon gift will be cherished due to its fantastic taste and presentation.

The Best Gifts for the Bourbon Lover

The five best bourbon gift ideas include the following:

Each of these are perfect for sipping on cool fall evenings, whether the consumer is with friends and family, or are just watching television at their home while the fall leaves rustle outside of their window.

Bourbon Gift: Jim Beam Devil's Cut Bourbon WhiskeyThe Jim Beam Devil's Cut Bourbon Whiskey is for the aficionados who appreciate a rich, flavorful bourbon that is extracted from wood. The Jim Beam Devil's Cut Bourbon Whiskey is unique because “As bourbon ages, the ‘angel's share’ evaporates into thin air; some liquid remains trapped inside the ancient wood the bourbon is aged in; this is called the ‘devil's cut.’”

The good bourbon for a gift has a robust flavor, characterized by a deep color, sensual aroma and character that is incomparable. Those who sip the bourbon will be greeted with intense notes of vanilla and oak, along with a smooth, long, and sweet finish.

For a birthday present, the recipient can have the bourbon on the rocks, neat or in conjunction with your favorite soda. It provides a unique, memorable experience that few bourbon gifts can match.

The bourbon gift is priced for $59 and sized 750 ml.

A second recommended gift for the bourbon lover is the Angel's Envy Cask Strength Bourbon. This high-end bourbon gift comes in a unique presentation that is all class and elegance. The first observation the recipient will notice is the deep color that is synonymous with the best bourbons on the market.

The potential bourbon gift comes in 127.9 proof. It should come as no surprise that the Angel's Envy Cask Strength Bourbon is an award winning bourbon whiskey. The bourbon is carefully made, making it a sipping delight.

The bourbon gift was finished in port barrels, which attributes to the distinct finish. The nose is heavy vanilla and caramel, with citrus and almonds. The smell alone informs the body that she is in the presence of an excellent bourbon.

The taste of the bourbon is a mix of black pepper and blackberries. This is not the bourbon you want to mix — though it taste excellent if the recipient chooses too — as the recipient has the opportunity to taste every subtle nuance that makes this bourbon gift so unique.

The bourbon is priced for 750 ml. and is priced for $435.

Bourbon Gift: Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyA third recommended bourbon gift is the Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Most bourbons from Wild Turkey are aged for eight-to-12-years; however, the Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged for 17-years.

During those 17-years, this gift for the bourbon lover was aged in three different buildings. These buildings are two that are wooden, while one is brick. The combination of wood and brick exposes the bourbon to various levels of temperature and humidity.

This potential bourbon gift has “an intense caramel nose and flavor, but is more dry than sweet, with a spicy oak and slightly bitter dark chocolate taste.” It makes a good bourbon for a gift as the unique flavor has been beloved by millions.

It is currently priced for $255 and sized in 750 ml.

A fourth recommended gift for bourbon lovers is the Belle Meade Sherry Cask 9 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

The following is from the product page:

Fans of both Scotch and bourbon will find Belle Meade Sherry Cask 9 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey to be rich, intricate, and well-balanced.

The unique distilling and aging process make this whisky truly unique. Belle Meade selects barrels from their Reserve stock and blends only the best bourbons in extremely small batches. This blend is then aged for nine years in Oloroso Sherry casks, imported from Spain. The result: Pure Perfection!

Enjoy the aroma of true core bourbon incorporating vanilla, raisins and caramel. On the tongue, dried figs, brown sugar and a touch of pepper come through.

Belle Meade Sherry Cask 9 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a true gem amongst quality whiskeys. So pick up a bottle or two, wrap it with a pretty bow and feel proud that you're giving someone a great whiskey with lots of character.

The bottle is sized 750 ml. and is listed for $159.

Finally, our last recommended fall bourbon gift is the Russell's Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey. This bourbon is characterized as having a slightly sweeter taste than most competing bourbons.

When sipping, the bourbon gift has smooth, rich spice notes, toffee and vanilla. It is beloved by many bourbon drinkers, and is affordably priced — considering the quality of the spirit.

It is sized 750 ml. and is priced for $89.

Fall Bourbon Gift Ideas That Will Impress Recipients

Our company is dedicated to helping our customers find the perfect gift. The potential bourbon gifts mentioned in this article are among the best in our inventory and on the market. These are standout bourbons for the fall season that are sure to impress the recipient — regardless if this is their first bourbon or if they are seasoned connoisseurs.

If you are interested in additional recommendations, feel free to reach out to our team by emailing [email protected]. Representatives from our company can provide recommendations for a variety of additional occasions.

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