Send Liquor to Celebrate a Promotion

Lisa Eldridge had a predicament: she learned that her husband will receive a promotion within the next two weeks and Eldridge wanted to give him a gift he would cherish and appreciate.

When Eldridge reached out to one of our skilled representatives, she shared her husband’s preference for liquor, which mainly leaned toward the expensive options. Her husband enjoyed quality and our representative recommended the best options from our wide inventory of options.

These liquor gifts ranged from engraved whiskey bottles to Tequilla. Eldridge was so satisfied by the list that we decided to share it on our blog.

The Best Personalized Labels Liquor Bottles

Glenfiddich 21 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Engraved Bottle)The first item on our list that we recommend Eldridge provide to her husband to celebrate his upcoming promotion was the Glenfiddich 21 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Engraved Bottle).

This bottle is unique in that it is aged for 21-years in casks, where the flavors become more enhanced each year, before being bottled and sold.

When sipping this bottle, one is presented with notes of ginger, toffee and honey, along with hints of vanilla, oak and pepper providing a perfect juxtaposition of bold and vibrant flavors.

This prominent single malt scotch whiskey is a favorite of Eldridge’s husband. Eldridge can see herself greeting her husband at the door, placing both hands over his eyes as she leads him to the kitchen, where she presents him with his favorite bottle that has his name sophistically engraved. His eyes will light up with excitement, she imagined, as he receives this present.

It is priced for $285.

A second recommended option provided to Eldridge was the Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whisky (Engraved Bottle).

The following is from the product page:

This marvelous maple-flavored whisky is neither overbearing nor syrupy sweet. Instead, Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whisky offers just the right amount of natural maple taste, with plenty of rich maple on the nose and mouth. Vanilla and caramel are evident on the palate, but transition rapidly mid-palate to be accompanied by stout cinnamon and allspice notes. The finish is long and oaky, with a final burst of maple and a bit of light oakiness. All in all? Delicious. Mix with your favorite mixer for a true 'down south' taste or pair with pancakes for a new maple syrup twist! Deliciously drinkable, wonderfully simple, and perfectly sweet, Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whisky is certain to please most! Now you can engrave it too!

As the final sentence provides, the personalized crown royal bottle is an excellent choice that includes engraving.

It is currently priced for $79.

Our third recommended option was the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon (Engraved Bottle) — a masterpiece in a bottle.

Chris Morris, the master distiller at Brown-Formans Woodford Reserve Distillery, doubled the maturation and the wood exposure for this potential liquor gift.

The customized whiskey bottle has tastes of toast and honey, in addition to interesting spices and darker fruits. The consumer can be so bold as to pair it with a cigar for best enjoyment.

The bottle is priced for $115.

Sophisticated Gifts of Liquor to Celebrate a Job Promotion

The Grand Marnier Cuvee 1880 was our fourth recommendation for Eldridge. This potential liquor gift was made in commemoration of the year the company was founded.

The potential liquor gift provides the perfect companion to celebrate a special occasion. The consumer, such as Eldridge’s husband, are often surprised by their first sip as they realize they are drinking a cognac that was created with expertise and passion.

It is aged up to 60 years to create a perfect taste. When consuming, the liquor provides a slight scent of orange essences, along with dried apricot, hazelnut and oak.

Deleon Leona TequilaThe fifth recommended liquor gift we provided to Eldridge was the DeLeón Leona Tequila. When presenting a gift of liquor, few options provide the ambiance that this bottle provides as it is paired with a python-skin flask that comes in a limited edition box.

DeLeón Leona Tequila matures in American oak barrels. Following, it is transitioned to French Sauternes casks, which provides a color similar to cognac.

The taste is truly a unique experience, as the nose is caramel and fresh berries, along with a full-bodied taste with hints of cinnamon, cherries and crème brulee. The finish combines a rich oak taste and warm smooth and velvety vanilla.

It comes in bottle size 750 ml and is priced for $1,025.

Lastly, consider the final item on the list for Eldridge, the Casa Noble Anejo Tequila. Coming in royal purple, this tequila was produced in limited quantities and took 14 years to make — matured in top French white oak barrels.

The aroma is bliss, boasting notes of orange peel, hazelnut, white pepper, vanilla, and dark chocolate in a heavy body.

It is currently on a 10 percent discount for $109.

Purchase the Best Gifts of Liquor to Celebrate a New Promotion

This article provided the following recommendations to Eldridge to celebrate her husband’s upcoming promotion:

From the list, Eldridge chose the Crown Royal Maple Finished Canadian Whisky (Engraved Bottle) for its personalize crown royal bottle and the DeLeón Leona Tequila.

Her husband was so happy with the selection. The couple shared the bottle after a wonderful dinner — the perfect end to a wonderful day. The liquor gifts were an excellent choice that the husband consumed over the course of the next few months on special occasions.

We recommend reaching out to one of our skilled representatives, for more information on the previous potential liquor gifts mentioned or for additional recommendations. Our representatives can be reached at (855) 846-4438 during normal business hours.

During non-business hours, we recommend visiting our blog, which has a wealth of related information. In addition, you can e-mail [email protected] or fill out the form on our contact us page.

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