12 Unique Personalized Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Holiday gift giving can be a hassle.  We all want to give unique gifts that have a personal significance to the recipient, but that can be tough.  An easy – and thoughtful – solution to this common dilemma is to give engraved gifts. Engraveable gifts are timeless and chic. They say, “I care so much that I took the time to have this made expressly for you. I hope you love it.” Whether you are seeking head-turning personalized business gifts or something extraordinary for a beloved friend or family member, here are twelve outstanding personalized gift ideas to add the special touch that you are looking for.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey


Created from a blend of 16 of the world's rarest, most sought after and expensive whiskies, Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey is the crème de la crème of high end whiskies.  This is a shoe-in when it comes to selecting engraved business gifts.  Your gift will not go unnoticed and from the first taste of this robust and spicy whiskey, through the smoky texture, and into the surprising finish, your business clients or affiliates will remember who it came from.  Johnnie Walker Black Label now available!

 Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack & Single Barrel

Both Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniels Single Barrel make amazing personalized gift ideas.  Present one of these all American whiskies in an engraved bottle along with a set of old fashioned, heavy crystal glasses to your Father or Grandfather and they will be moved by your generous and thoughtful gesture.

Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack & Single Barrel

Woodford Reserve Bourbon

This hand-crafted, small-batch Bourbon is specialty crafted at all five sources of flavor. For the bourbon connoisseur in your life, this engraveable gift will knock their socks off with unprecedented taste and it's crisp, pure finish.  By itself or added to a gift basket containing rich Kentucky honey and hand-made Mennonite cheese, the lucky man or woman who receives the gift of Woodford Reserve will look back on it with fondness for years to come.

Silver Oak Cellars Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

This prestigious wine, served at top steakhouses nationwide and praised for its soft finish makes a stunning gift on its own. Give it in an engraved bottle and it becomes a benchmark for others to live up to. Personalized engraved gifts can set you apart from others, and when the gift is as remarkable as this complex yet gentle Cabernet you will stand heads above the crowd.

Silver Oak Napa

Corzo Tequilas

All three Corzo tequilas, Silver, Reposado, and Anejo are available in engraved bottles.  For that crazy girlfriend who loves taking shots, or your Mother-in-law who is always up for a good margarita and watches Tequila Sunrise again and again, one of these smooth, classy tequilas is sure to delight! Pair the Reposado (or splurge and give all three) in a gift basket with stemless martini glasses, organic agave nectar, and a stainless steel engraved bartender's tool kit. Who could resist personalized gifts like that?

 Corzo Tequilas

Angel's Envy Bourbon

The tenth commandment advises us not to covet thy neighbor's goods. If you're left alone with his bottle of Angel's Envy though, you might be tempted to swipe just a little nip! Created by Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson, aged in charred oak barrels, and finished in ruby port wine casks, this rare and exceptionally smooth bourbon is truly a masterpiece. Want everyone else to turn green when they realize that your personalized gift ideas are catching the bosses eye? Make sure that this distinctive spirit is the centerpiece.

 Angel's Envy Bourbon Engraved

Double Cross Vodka

Dr. Jan Krak is the Master Distiller for Double Cross Vodka and he considers it his “crowning achievement”.  This distinct creation, as dramatic as the mountains of Slovakia from whence it comes, is distilled with pure water from a 200 foot deep aquifer and fine winter wheat. Seven times distilled and seven times filtered the purity and clean taste are unrivaled. The sleek, contemporary bottle is award winning and inscribed with Slovakian poetry.  Imagine how having it engraved with you and your partner’s name and “Our First Christmas” will still his or her heart.

 Double Cross Vodka

Absolut Elyx

This handcrafted vodka is produced in the Swedish town of Åhus from wheat grown at Råbelöf Castle. The wheat has been grown since the 1400's and is exclusive to Absolut Elyx. Krister Asplund, the Master Distiller and his team manage the still by hand. His tasting experts personally decide if each batch is worthy before it is bottled.  This staggeringly silky vodka will make a splash in any of your holiday cocktails.  May I suggest you treat yourself to an engraved bottle?

 Absolut Elyx Engraved

Chivas Regal Whiskey

Chivas Regal blended whiskies are among the finest in the world.  Master Blender Colin Scott has been charged with the duty of guarding the Chivas signature style. Hailing from the highlands of Strathisla, Scotland, the heart of all Chivas blends, according to Scott, is the “classic Speyside malt”. Choose the Chivas 18 year, 21 year or for that very special gift, the strictly limited 25 year whiskey available only in individually numbered bottles. These rare and enticing whiskeys will make anyone's jaw drop.

 Chivas Regal Whiskey Engraved

Glenlivet Scotch

The 18 year old Glenlivet Scotch Whiskey is the result of aging in several different types of casks.  Both American and European oak are used at the Master Distiller's discretion and the result is unique and flavorful.  The 21 year old Scotch produced by Glenlivet is distinct and each batch is special because each cask is hand selected.  This is truly a whiskey that speaks of class and is truly debonnaire. Giving Glenlivet as engraved business gifts will make sure that you are known as a gentleman's gentleman.

 Glenlivet Scotch Engraved

Perrier-Jouët Champagne

Timeless elegance and a dedication to finessing every last bit of flavor from the grapes, makes each bottle of House Perrier-Jouët Champagne a personal and intriguing statement. The vivacious nature and lovely color of this amazing champagne is perfect for those celebrations that are too important to leave to anything less. Gift this and enjoy it together for a true feast of the senses.

 Perrier-Jouët Champagne

Moët & Chandon Champagne

Whenever anyone sees the small star on a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne, they should know that they are in for an exquisite champagne experience.  This champagne sparkles in the glass and on the tongue and now with Swarovski Crystals as well! It's seductive and charming, truly a special champagne that should be savored and celebrated!  Whether it's an engraved, personalized gift for new parents, or you want to give engraved business gifts for your important clients to ring in the New Year with, a personalized bottle of this fine champagne will leave nothing but a good taste in the lucky recipient's mouth.

Moët & Chandon Champagne with Personalized Name

We hope you've enjoyed this exhaustive list of engraveable gifts and that your search for personalized gift ideas has reached a successful conclusion. Spirited Gifts is the right place to purchase all of your engraveable gifts.  Know that all of your personalized gifts will be handled with the utmost care! Happy Holidays! Enjoy!

Personalized gifts, including engraved gifts, make outstanding presents for everyone on your list. These personalized gift ideas are memorable and unique.

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