• Add some OM to your Cocktails and Gift List (Green Giving)

    Add some OM to your Cocktails and Gift List (Green Giving)

    There are some days, especially this time of year, when you are in the mood for a cocktail but just don’t have the energy for a bar or tavern where you know your favorite bartender will whip you up something good. You wish you had knowhow to make yourself a classy drink at home but nine times out of ten it just doesn’t come out right.  OM Cocktails fills this need, just pour into a glass over ice, or if you are feeling fancy shake in a cocktail shaker and serve. Not only is OM Organics original and delicious but it is ecologically minded as well.  Now you can have that drink at home whenever the mood strikes.

    Photo Credit:  http://vivalafoodies.com/om-organic-mixology/

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  • 7 Horrible Wine Names that Don’t Stop People from Buying

    7 Horrible Wine Names that Don’t Stop People from Buying

    Part of the wine experience is the luxurious sounding name, the classy bottle, and the clink of glass. However, some labels offer groan worthy or even scary visions that are anything but luxurious. Here are seven questionable wine names that don’t seem to stop people from buying. Continue reading

  • 5 versions of the official Halloween Cocktail

    Halloween Cocktail

    Four days until Halloween, hasn’t the time flown this year? It seems to get faster and faster. This Halloween orange isn’t the new black.  Who gets scared of orange? Go Goth for a truly spectacular show. Voodoo, costumes and a little bit of Black Magic might make this the greatest Halloween ever. And to make it even greater, here are five spooky versions of your favorite Halloween Cocktail worth trying. Continue reading

  • Gifting With Liquor? Let's Talk Essentials!


    Today, it’s easier than ever to send liquor as a gift since you can send alcohol online. Here are some great suggestions for liquor gifts, including liquor gift baskets, personalized gifts and unique wine gift sets.

    With the holiday season just around the corner, and other gift giving opportunities on most every day of the year, we thought it would be a good idea to explore the essentials of giving liquor gifts. Whether you intend to give a liquor gift basket, send liquor as a gift, or hand deliver it, buying alcohol online makes it fun and easy!

    Try a New Trend

    What's trendy now? This is a question that we ask ourselves whenever we want to give a memorable gift, and giving liquor gifts is no different.  This year’s alcohol trends are closely tied to and follow the food trends and so liquor that is local, hand-crafted small batch, and or organic is hot right now! A lift in some of the prohibition era laws have allowed for small craft distilleries to begin making their mark. Continue reading

  • 7 Adult Frappuccinos for National Frappe Day

    Today is National Frappe Day and while I am a little disappointed that Starbucks is not giving me any freebies I am still excited enough to whip something up in the kitchen when I get home.  Now what would make a Frappe even better on National Frappe Day? Adding alcohol of course! Here are some of our favorite recipes utilizing the liquor cabinet and a blender.

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  • 50 Reasons to Give a Gift

    Do you want to save a little cash during the yearend Holidays?  Then give your clients gifts during other times of the year.  This is one of the ways that companies can do things differently than their competitors.  Instead of giving your client a gift during the regular holiday season, try giving that same client an alternate gift some other time of the year.

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  • Gin Makes a Fashionable Comeback

    As far as clear spirits go, gin might be our absolute favorite. Its herbal flavor lends itself to refreshing cocktails like gimlets, punches, and smashes, and even does well in boozier drinks like martinis. And there’s nothing better in the summer than a limey G&T.

    This is one classic you’ll want to rediscover again and again.

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  • History of Happy Hour

    Frugal drinkers know the exact definition of happy hour, that reverend few hours where their favorite drinks are half off at their local bar.  While we are grateful for this bargain hour not many of us can say where it originated. The next time you grab cheap drinks and snacks at 5 o'clock with some friends, you may want to consider raising a glass to Prohibition.

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  • National Harvey Wallbanger Day

    Happy National Harvey Wallbanger Day!

    Today, November 8, is National Harvey Wallbanger Day. Celebrate by digging out that dusty bottle of Galliano from the liquor cabinet, mixing up a Wallbanger and toasting to a drunken surfer. Continue reading

  • Glass Gossip: What Celebrities are Drinking

    Ever wonder what some of your favorite celebrities like to drink? You see pictures of them at bars and restaurants, and although some are on the wagon after stints in rehabs, there are others who seem to drink responsibly and enjoy what’s in their glass. Here is a look at a few celebrities and their purported favorite cocktails.

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  • 5 Fall Cocktails Guaranteed to Spook your Halloween

    As summer sighs her last warm breaths and autumn begins to spread her colorful cape across the land, we start to look for fall inspired cocktails. Whether we want to unwind on chilly nights or share their spicy goodness with our friends after a football game on a crisp afternoon, these fall cocktail recipes are sure to charm!

    A few fall drink recipes in your repertoire will give you a leg up when it comes to fall entertaining.  Whether you are looking for pumpkin drink recipes or something spicy with a hint of apple, or the spookiest looking cocktail of them all, these selections of fall themed liqueurs will make fine additions to your liquor cabinet.

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  • Top Bourbon Picks for National Bourbon Heritage Month

    Bourbon has proven itself as a stand out contender of the spirits over the past few years with its resurgence and extreme popularity. We have watched the revival of pre-prohibition cocktails as well as the creations of a savvy new generation of mixologists. Whatever the cocktail, bourbon may be at its heart.

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  • Bolster Your Romance with Bubbles: The Romance of Champagne

    Saying, “I love you” to your special someone is important, but sometimes a special action or gift can convey the message in a new and unique way. For many people, the go-to gifts for romantic messaging include flowers, chocolates, jewelry or stuffed animals. A high quality bottle of champagne with a sincere personal message may be a much better choice.

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  • Chardonnay Voted Most Likely to Succeed

    American wine-drinkers vote with online orders, wine shop purchases and restaurant drink tabs, and Chardonnay is the clear winner. Ask for a glass of white wine at any restaurant and the chance is they will give you chardonnay if you don’t specify. This classic and versatile wine makes up over 21 percent of all vineyards in California, beating out other popular types like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio. What makes Chardonnay the most popular wine in America? It may be that Chardonnay is the friendliest and most versatile grape around. Even for those that say they don’t like Chardonnay – offer a glass of Chablis and chances are they will take it. Guess what? Chablis is Chardonnay.

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  • 12 Unique Personalized Gift Ideas for the Holidays

    Holiday gift giving can be a hassle.  We all want to give unique gifts that have a personal significance to the recipient, but that can be tough.  An easy – and thoughtful – solution to this common dilemma is to give engraved gifts. Engraveable gifts are timeless and chic. They say, “I care so much that I took the time to have this made expressly for you. I hope you love it.” Whether you are seeking head-turning personalized business gifts or something extraordinary for a beloved friend or family member, here are twelve outstanding personalized gift ideas to add the special touch that you are looking for. Continue reading

  • The Ultimate Beer Lovers Gift Guide

    Beer Gift Sets, a well-stocked beer gift basket, a beer of the month subscription, or even a beer sample make great gifts for beer lovers, and awesome gifts for men, no matter what the occasion.

    With the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about unique gifts for both the men and women in your life. Craft beers are popular and make great gifts for any occasion. A luxurious craft beer gift basket will make anyone who appreciates great beer go nuts. When you consider gifts for men, a beer gift set should be at the top of your list, but don't forget that many women also love a good beer.  A lot of different gift ideas involving beer are out there, whether it's a beer of the month or a beer sampler, there is sure to be something that will delight everyone on your gift giving lists. Show the ones you care about just how much you appreciate them by reading this beer lovers gift guide and sending them a gift of beer today. Continue reading

  • Classy Gifts for Boss's Day

    Boss's Day is just around the corner.  Have you already come up with the perfect gift ideas for your Boss?

    In 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski registered October 16 as National Boss's Day with the Chamber of Commerce.  She chose that date in honor of her father's birthday since she was working at his State Farm Insurance Company at the time. Four years later, in 1962, the Governor of Illinois officially backed Patricia's registration. Ever since then, Bosses Day has been celebrated on that date in the United States and Canada as a day for employees to recognize their employers or those in supervisory roles.

    Even if your boss isn't always your favorite person, it's considerate and appropriate to gift him or her with something memorable that will be truly appreciated.  With that thought in mind, here's a list of seven truly spirited gift ideas for Boss's Day that will make your boss sit up and take notice.

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  • Sending Gifts Online to Stand Out

    Gift Giving Ideas Beyond the Holidays to Stand Out

    The holiday season is not the only time of year to send gifts online.  In fact you might be remembered more if you choose a month other than December to show you care, and you will be ahead of schedule! There are endless opportunities all year round to flex your gift-giving muscles.  Whether it be birthdays, Jewish holidays, Chinese New Year, Fourth of July, Earth Day, engagements and weddings, new babies, personal and business anniversaries, referring clients, long time no see, apologies, congratulations on jobs, graduations, promotions, new businesses, or moving.  There are endless possibilities.
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  • Chardonnay Voted Most Likely to Succeed in American Wine Yearbook

    American wine-drinkers vote with online orders, wine shop purchases and restaurants drink tabs, and Chardonnay is the clear winner. This classic and versatile wine makes up over 13 percent of all wine sales in America, beating out other popular types like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. What makes Chardonnay the most popular wine in America? It may be that Chardonnay is the friendliest wine.
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