Gifting With Liquor? Let's Talk Essentials!


Today, it’s easier than ever to send liquor as a gift since you can send alcohol online. Here are some great suggestions for liquor gifts, including liquor gift baskets, personalized gifts and unique wine gift sets.

With the holiday season just around the corner, and other gift giving opportunities on most every day of the year, we thought it would be a good idea to explore the essentials of giving liquor gifts. Whether you intend to give a liquor gift basket, send liquor as a gift, or hand deliver it, buying alcohol online makes it fun and easy!

Try a New Trend

What's trendy now? This is a question that we ask ourselves whenever we want to give a memorable gift, and giving liquor gifts is no different.  This year’s alcohol trends are closely tied to and follow the food trends and so liquor that is local, hand-crafted small batch, and or organic is hot right now! A lift in some of the prohibition era laws have allowed for small craft distilleries to begin making their mark.

In keeping with this trend, here are a couple of nice suggestions for the environmentally-conscious or super-hip locavore on your gift giving list.

Small batch Kentucky Bourbon is a tradition that was introduced to America by our European ancestors.  Michter's Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey is perfect for sipping.  Not too sweet or cloying, it is redolent with winter spice, making it a perfect choice for preparing Hot Toddies on a cold winter's night. Another fine small batch selection is Tuthilltown Spirits Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey. Perfect for mixing in a Manhattan, enjoying in other cocktails or on its own, this hand-bottled, hand-sealed, individually numbered Rye whiskey is astonishingly good.

Michter's Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey Michter's Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Fine wine makes a memorable gift and fine WINES makes it last longer. A high-end gift set selection perfect for that special someone on your list is a Napa Cabernet Wine Gift Set. This exquisite gift set includes your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon’s from their beloved producers in Napa Valley, California.  Or if they prefer white wine, send an Around The World With Chardonnay Gift Set to expand their palate and take them on a trip around the globe. Wine is a gift that keeps on giving and can be cherished for years to come, and if you are lucky they will share it with you!

Organic Spirits are hot right now, and why shouldn’t they be? We take pride in what we eat, lets take pride in what we drink too!  Square One Organic Vodka is distinctive as it is crafted from 100% American rye. No GMO’s here, this is perfect for any number of cocktails, from a Basil Bloody Mary to Botanical Sex on the Beach or your favorite martini. Get crafty with your cocktails when you try Square One Botanical, Square One Cucumber or Square One Basil Vodkas. Yummy!

Square One Organic Vodka Square One Organic Vodka

Make it Personal by putting their name on it. Bonus points for a nickname or phrase that will make them laugh when they see it.  Not only will they treasure your gift for years to come, you might just bring tears to their eyes if you are witty enough. Whether etching Champagne in Swarovski crystals is their thing or they prefer the more gentlemanly gift of Black Label Johnny Walker Scotch Whisky with their name on it, make their gift extra special by personalizing it just for them.

Give a Bountiful Basket of Booze. Wine baskets may be overdone, but liquor is quicker! Liquor gift baskets make a lovely in person presentation and now they can be shipped right to their door! Let SPIRITED GIFTS do the work for you, select a bottle of liquor (their favorite of course) and a basket can be made for just about any bottle! If you don’t see what you are looking for shoot the gift concierge department an email and they help you customize any basket.  Gin, Rum, Vodka, Scotch or even Absinthe – we can personalize just about any basket.

Liquor Gift Baskets Liquor Gift Baskets

Gift Certificates will never go out of style. But the best ones are for something that can be spent selfishly on yourself without the option of using it responsibly. So if you can’t choose a bottle, don’t know their brand, or just don’t want to decide – that’s your answer. One click and you are done!

Whether it is Courvasier Imperial Cognac, DeLeon Tequila, Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey, or Grey Goose Vodka, another reason to buy alcohol online if you decide to send liquor as a gift, is to make sure that it is properly packaged and handled with care.  You want your gift to arrive safe and sound at your loved one's door.  This takes the hassle out of gift giving and allows you to safely send amazing liquor gifts while sticking to your annual gift-giving budget. Remember that a gift certificate is sometimes completely appropriate and thoughtful as well. Armed with these unique gift ideas, you are certain to make a memorable impression!

As with gifting any item, it is always appropriate and always important to put a little extra thought into the gift, especially if you want it to be memorable. Use our tips above to do just that.  After all, isn't that what we all are striving for when we give someone a present? We want them to know just how much we appreciate and care for them and all of the things that they do to make our lives special. So, unless Grandma is a teetotaler, even she would be touched by receiving a limited edition bottle of her favorite fine libation.

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