Great Gifts for Celebratory Occasions: Wedding Gifts

Elijah Harper was looking to send the perfect wedding gift to his best friend from college, Liam, and his soon to be wife, Sophia. Harper knew the couple were avid alcohol enthusiast and wanted to gift them a present that they would cherish.

Due to Liam and Sophia’s past alcohol consumption, Elijah had a difficult decision to make. Elijah was not an expert by any means, therefore, he needed assistance in selecting the perfect gift for the couple.

Elijah spoke with a representative from Spirited Gifts, who provided him the following recommendations:

All of these items are currently available for purchase from Spirited Gifts.

Recommended Wedding Gifts

Laurent-Perrier Rose Champagne (Engraved Bottle)The first alcohol gift suggested to Elijah was the Laurent-Perrier Rose Champagne (Engraved Bottle). This five star rated wine is known as the world’s bestselling rosé Champagne. The Laurent-Perrier Rose was crafted under the saignée method — one of the few spirits that still are.

The bottle comes in a decadent embossed bottle that were prominent in the 17th century, with a lovely salmon pink color. A bottle coming in this design is perfect for bottle engraving, as it looks beautiful on display whether it is being consumed or is a decorated piece for a kitchen.

Regardless of the display option chosen, the Laurent-Perrier Rose is a delectable wine. It has intense, bright and fresh, notes of black cherries, raspberries and strawberries, along with a light smoky finish that has a hint of mineral back and raw almond note.

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, such as Liam and Sophia, this rosé is perfect for toasting to celebratory occasions. It is ideal for consuming before a meal, while conversing with one another, or to pair with seafood such as lobster or scallops.

The bottle engraving for this bottle is elegantly done with silver color on the side of the bottle.

The bottle is currently priced for $129.

A second recommended bottle to Elijah was the Dom Perignon Brut Champagne (Engraved Bottle). Dom Perignon Brut sought to create the best wine in the world and this champagne is clearly a contender.

Dom Perignon sought to use the best grapes for the champagne, with a special blend of both white and dark. The palate is greeted with ripe, bold fruit initially, as a nutty aroma and fresh flowers sequently greet the mouth. It finishes with notes of berries and peach.

Having bottle engraving on this champagne is an exhilarating sight for the recipient, especially when the note included is carefully thought out.

The bottle is priced for $249.

Krug Grande Cuvee Champagne (Engraved Bottle)A third recommended bottle is the Krug Grande Cuvee Champagne (Engraved Bottle). The following is from the product page:

Even the bottle is something special; from the moment you set eyes upon its lustrous gold hues and sleek dark lines, you'll yearn to sample what's inside.

When you pour Krug Grande Cuvee in the glass, your mouth will water in anticipation as delicate bubbles float gracefully to the surface. And after the first palate, you'll know why Krug is the king of champagnes. It has a delicate balance of flavors ranging from coffee, ginger, and coconut to sweet honey and toasted nuts. The first taste opens strong with a bold flavor rich with acidity from three types of grapes, but it finishes with a light flavor enriched with a smoke infused aftertaste. One of the most elite brands of champagne. Combines up to 15 vintages for a well-balanced and complex flavor. Fermented exclusively in oak barrels.

The beautifully written description is no exaggeration — this is an excellent bottle.

It is priced for $300.

AsomBroso La Rosa Reposado TequilaOur fourth recommended item is directed towards the spouse for a wedding present, which is the AsomBroso La Rosa Reposado Tequila. The tequila comes in an immaculate hand-blown bottle that is unique. This liquor gift can be placed on display within the residence, adding to the aesthetics of any room.

However, the taste of the tequila competes with the beauty of the bottle. The tequila is aged for three months in French oak barrels, as it develops a texture that is soft allowing it to be consumed without the typical burn that is common with a majority of tequilas.

The bottle was awarded as the top tequila in 2008 in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It is currently priced for $110.

The fifth recommended item was the Cigar of the Month Club (Three Month Club). As the previous item was directed to the spouse, this potential gift was directed to the groom. Each month, five different cigars are sent to the recipient.

These cigars are hand selected by a panel of experts, who take into account many considerations in their selection. This is perfect for busy professionals as it saves them from having to research the market.

The selection includes Punch Cigars, Cohiba, Romeo Y Julieta, Montecristo, and more. Regardless of the producer of the cigar, they will be perfect for pairing with whiskies.

It is priced for $150.

Lastly, consider Jefferson's Manhattan Barrel Aged Cocktail. The following is from the product page:

Jefferson’s, the folks behind Ocean: Aged-at-Sea and other small-batch bourbons, has recently released its Jefferson’s Manhattan Barrel Aged Cocktail in partnership with the editors at Esquire magazine. The cocktail is the result of a night Jefferson’s President Trey Zoeller and Esquire Editor-in-Chief David Granger spent on the town together in NYC. It consists of Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon, sweet and dry vermouth, and black cherry bitters. While Manhattans can be made with any whiskey, this one is bourbon-forward, meaning there’s no mistaking the Jefferson’s Reserve in every sip.

Elijah commented that this liquor gift has such a fascinating background that it is an excellent choice to give to both Liam and Sophia. As the description implies, this liquor gift taste delicious.

It is currently priced for $85.

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