5 Beautiful Tequila Bottles to Gift

Tequila has really stepped up their game!  Some of the largest and most elite tequila brands are selling their products in the most beautiful bottles.  If you are in the market to give a unique one of a kind tequila gift, these are some bottle you should take into consideration. Tequila lovers everywhere will appreciate receiving any one of the bottles that are both beautiful inside and out.

Top 5 Beautiful Tequila Bottles

1. AsomBroso El Platino Tequila and AsomBroso La Rosa Represado Tequila

These unique, hand-blown, crystal glass bottles are created to replicate an 1800 decanter.  Each bottle is given its own unique thumbprint by famed Italian artist, Luciano Gambaro.


If you really love the bottle see how it is made...

Spirited Gifts offers great gift sets and baskets of these amazing tequilas.

2. Clase Azul Plata and Resposado Tequila

These refined Mexican tequilas are handcrafted by local artisans.  These stunning ceramic bottles look like they can adorn any home as a decorative piece in a personal bar.


Click below to see how it is made...


 3.  Corzo Silver, Reposado, and Anjego Tequila

These tequilas are all made with 100% agave and contain flavors that drink as smooth as a fine scotch.

Spirited Gifts can help make this sleek modern bottles more unique with personalized engraving.


4. Deleon Tequila

This is a luxury tequila is produced by the well-known mogul, Sean (P Diddy) Combs.  Each bottle is gorgeously embellished with a sterling silver stopper, that is pretty enough to be worn as jewelry. deleon

Allow Spirited Gifts to make this bottle more unique by engraving something special for your recipient.

5. Gran Patron Burdeos Anejo Tequila

Each crystal bottle comes in a black walnut box with a special corkscrew and a crystal bee stopper for a fitting touch. It stays true to its Patron reputation and the tequila is a one of a kind.c1f296a76e46ccd1c2fbcb4cafc8b395

Tequila is not what is used to be.  Producers are playing with the styles and creating some very interesting and unique flavors.  All of these tequilas are very prestigious, so they are worth the price tag.  These are not the tequilas you shoot with lime and salt, they are the ones you give as a gift, engrave, and sip.

These breathtaking bottles can easily stand alone, or Spirited Gifts can assist you in making this an even better gift by placing them in a basket full of goodies or engraving the bottle for a keepsake.

Happy Sipping



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