Gifts for Bourbon Lovers to Celebrate Rosh Hashanah


The Jewish new year falls on sundown on Oct. 2 and ends at sundown on Oct. 4. It will mark the Hebrew year of 5777. To celebrate the new year, Jewish people often dip apples into honey for a sweet new year. There are few better customs in life than pairing the sweet taste of apples and honey with the crisp taste of bourbon. Therefore, few gifts are more appropriate than a well-crafted bottle.

This article will provide the best gifts for bourbon lovers to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. These will include the following potential bourbon gifts:

Each of these potential bourbon gifts hold the high customer satisfaction from our inventory.

Good Bourbons for a Gift

Bourbon is in the whiskey family and originally originated from Bourbon County, Kentucky, which is where the name comes from. It is distilled from fermented mash that is at least 51 percent corn. The mash often times contains grains rye and barley.

The process of crafting bourbon, since it is in the Whiskey family, is similar to its siblings. The aging process can take anywhere from two to 12 years, as the bourbon is placed in oak barrels. Following, it is bottled between 80 to 90 proof.

Bourbon Gift BasketAn excellent bourbon gift to consider is our bourbon gift basket. The recipient will love this care package as it is uniquely offers a full package of items.

The bourbon gift basket can include one of the following small-batch, premium bourbons:

  • Baker;
  • Basil Hayden;
  • Booker; or,
  • Eagle Rare

Each of these popular, highly sought after bourbon gifts. In addition, the basket has a variety of delicious snacks, such as cheese, popcorn, crackers, pretzels, truffles, candies and cookies — the perfect items for a celebratory nibble.

This bourbon gift basket is currently sold for $124.00.

A second excellent item to compliment apples and honey with loved ones is the Glenfiddich Age of Discovery Bourbon Cask Reserve 19 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. For instance, our previous customer, Mandy Adams, had two sons who lived in different parts of the country.

The adult sons, who growing up spent Rosh Hashanah with their mother—but could not this year due to their children’s school conflict—plan to spend the new year with their families in their respected locations. Mandy wanted them to have something special to remind them that she was thinking about them.

When Mandy spoke with one of our knowledgeable customer representatives, they directed her to this award winning bourbon that is aged 19 years to provide the perfect drinking experience.

When tasting the bourbon gift, the drinker is presented with creamy and smooth hint of caramel and vanilla, which taste immaculate. Following is a delicious taste with blends of cinnamon, cardamom and more warm, wholesome spices. The finishing taste of the bourbon is a delightful apple tartness — balancing the spicy and sweet combination.

Needless to say, Mandy’s children loved the gift and so did their guest who celebrated the new year at their residences. This was the perfect gift, costing $265.00 for the 750 ml bottle.

A third great gift for bourbon drinkers on Rosh Hashanah is the Maker's Mark Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It comes in a simple and sleek design that is recognizable with its bold red wax top that caps the bottle.

The bottle from Maker’s Mark is a light and balanced whiskey, with a juxtaposition of sweet, woody and spicy flavors.

The bottle is sized as 750 ml and is currently sold for $109.00.

A fourth bourbon gift idea to consider is the I.W. Harper 15 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, which comes in a handsome bottle.

This bourbon gift has a storied history, created by Isaac Wolfe Bernheim in 1879. Over the years, this bottle was highly sought after as it has built a reputation as an excellent option for consumption. While it was not available in the U.S. for a lengthy period of time, all that changed and is now available for purchase.

The bottle from Kentucky provides a delicious initial taste of mint, oak and dark chocolate—providing a bite of heat—then transitioning to caramel, vanilla, citrus and raisins—providing a gentle sweet finish.

Lastly, a once a year celebration deserves a high-end bottle. The Angel's Envy Cask Strength Bourbon is a perfect award-winning option for bringing in a sweet new year.

The following is from the product description:

Coming in at an eye-watering 127.9 proof, this bourbon whiskey is highly sippable, thanks to Angel’s Envy’s patient and perfect maturation of the spirit. Cask Strength has been finished in port barrels, giving it distinct finish that’s still very much bourbon. The nose is an expected heavy caramel with vanilla, along with some almonds and citrus, while the taste is a mix of blackberries and black pepper. Recommended drinking of Angel’s Envy Cask Strength Bourbon is neat or with a splash of water, so you can taste every subtle nuance.

This excellent bourbon gift is currently being sold for $435 in a 750 ml sized bottle.

Purchase the Best Gifts for Bourbon Lovers to Celebrate the Jewish New Year

Each of these bourbon gift ideas are available for purchase by visiting our website. They are high popular bourbon gifts and are an excellent way to show someone special that you are thinking about them.

For additional information on these bottles or for more recommendations, contact one of our skilled representatives via our contact us page, e-mail us at, or call us at (855) 846-4438.

With the Jewish new year approaching, we are committed to providing our customers with the best bourbon gifts to celebrate. During non-working hours, visit our blog, which provides a wealth of information related to our unique inventory of liquor.

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