The Secrets Busy People use to Look Like Gifting Rock-Stars

10 Reasons an Engraved Bottle is a Perfect Gift:

The holidays are around the corner and engraved bottles help busy people look like gifting rock-stars.  Nothing says I spent thought and time on purchasing a gift like personalization.  Everyone has a busy life, but that shouldn't dictate the type of gift you buy the people you appreciate.  Everyone has a coffee mug with their initial on it, and quite frankly no one needs another tote with the company logo on it.  A bottle of liquor that is engraved especially for them is not only something to cherish, but something people really want.  Here are some reasons why an engraved bottle is the perfect gift to help people that are too busy to spend a lot of time shopping  at least look like they did.

1. It has a double purpose:  You can enjoy the contents AND keep the bottle as a beautiful keepsake.

Who doesn't love getting a gift that is useful?  The perfect kind of gift is the one that someone actually likes, can use, and has true purpose.  If you are buying for someone that enjoys a nice drink, which most people do, then giving them a gift like an engraved bottle of their favorite wine or scotch...or even a bottle they wouldn't normally treat themselves to, is a great way to show how much thought went into buying them a gift.  The fact that it is engraved with their name, their favorite quote, or an inside joke makes this a gift something to cherish for long after the contents have been enjoyed.

2. Engraved bottles are great conversation pieces.

This will be something that the recipient will keep and more than likely display.  It makes a great compliment to a wet-bar, or even on the shelf along their trophies and awards.  When other people notice something as unique as a bottle that has been engraved, it becomes a topic of discussion.  Whether this is a personal gift or something that is representing a company, it will definitely be part of a conversation at some point.  Not to mention that the person who receives the bottle will get to feel the warmth of how special the gift was all over again.

3. Engraved bottles can be re-used.

The beauty of an engraved bottle is, it is re-usable.  Society makes an enormous effort to create a conscience awareness of how important it is to the future of the world to invest in a green life style.  This is not some plastic product made in China, it is a beautiful glass bottle that someone can re-use and re-fill again.

4.  Engraved bottles are items that are rarely bought for personal use.

This is the kind of gift to get for the person who has everything or the person that at least takes very good care of themselves.  Chances are that someone is not going to purchase an engraved bottle for themselves.  Engraved bottles are purchase for others, this almost guarantees that the recipient isn't going to have bought this for themselves and you will be giving them something they surely do not have.

5. Engraved bottles show how you care, even though you are busy, this is obviously not a last minute gift, it takes time and thought.

Although this is an item that can be purchased and shipped fairly quickly, the recipient won't know that!  All they will see is something that is thought out, unique, customized, and personal.  They will feel like there was a lot of thought and planning put into this gift, which will confirm they are truly cared for.  That is why Spirited Gifts, is here to help you make your recipient feel special.

6. Engraved bottles have a way of capturing a moment, forever etched in glass.

There is no limit to what can be engraved on the bottle.  You can do the go to name, but really a funny saying, an inside joke, a quote, a special date, a celebratory wish...the options are limitless.

7. No matter your budget there is a perfect bottle to fit your needs.

This is not a one size fits all.  There are so many options.  You can just order a single bottle if you are working with a small budget or if you have more to work with you can add glasses, set your bottle in a beautiful basket, or buy a tasters set.  You can control how much or little you want to spend and the end result will still be a beautiful gift.

8. Engraved bottles have no limits, they cross generations, genders, and cultures.

The beauty about engraved spirits is they apply to someone turning 21 or celebrating their 50th anniversary.  It is not a gift that only a man or a woman would appreciate, both genders can appreciate and enjoy.  Spirited Gifts carries spirits from all over the world so, if you are purchasing for someone that loves their homeland's rum that can make the gift even more special.

9. Engraved bottles are time savers and convenient to purchase for large or small groups.

Engraving a case of bottles for a small group, like a team that landed an awesome client and you want to say thank you, this is a great purchase to send that message with thought.  Or you can think on a grander scale and it will be just as easy to get the same happy results.

10. Engraved bottles are unique, one of a kind, made for a one of a kind person.

When someone receives a gift that has a special message just for them, it always makes a person feel special and at the end of the day that is what you want.  The reason why you buy a gift for someone is to let them know they are thought of and important.  Customizing a bottle is unique and special.

So, there you have it.  Some of the many reasons why gifting engraved spirits is easy, convenient, and really makes you look like a gifting rock star.

Check out the process view some of our samples:

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