Bourbon Gifts are Perfect for Any Occasion

Perfect Gifts for the Bourbon Lover.

Face it, Bourbon lovers know what they like. You cannot simply say, “I’ll have a bourbon” and expect the bartender to hand you a drink. Bourbon is a complex liquor and there are many varieties of it. The taste of bourbon changes depending on the age, the liquor proof, and, also what it is made from, Bourbon can be made from rye, wheat, or corn, or a mixture that includes barley. Depending on your own taste preferences, you may enjoy spicy, high-rye liquor or a wheat based bourbon which is softer and a bit sweeter. By joining our Gift of the Month Club, you will be able to taste the variances and find your most preferred drink.

Bourbon Gift Ideas for that Someone Special.

america_bourbon_01Traditionally, bourbon has been made in Kentucky, however, over the years bourbon production has become popular throughout America. States such as Texas, California, and Colorado have joined Kentucky to produce high-quality bourbon. Breckenridge Colorado is known for its ski resorts, Gold Rush history and, now, for its distillery. The Breckenridge blend of straight bourbon whiskey is mashed, fermented and distilled on site in Colorado. This honey amber colored liquor offers spicy notes of white pepper and toasted sesame, with the light body flavor of sweet oak and vanilla. It has also won the 2016 World Whiskey award for Best American Blend. A great Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey made at the Buffalo Trace Distillery is the Eagle Rare. This bourbon whiskey is aged for at least ten years to perfect its distinctive taste. The award winning Eagle Rare has the aroma of toffee, herbs, honey, leather and oak. The lingering finish is of candied almonds and rich cocoa. For more than 200 years, the Buffalo Trace Distillery has produced fine bourbon whiskey, and the Eagle Rare is one to try. Keeping with tradition, but adding a New World taste, the Balcones Texas single malt whiskey is a liquor not to be ignored. It has won 61 different awards since coming into production. The fragrance of the Balcones Texas single malt is of ripe buttered stone fruit, bananas and pears, as well as honey and rose water. The extraordinary taste is of toasted bread with fresh butter and marmalade, and the long finish lingers with a rich malt and wood flavor. If these bourbon whiskeys sound like something that you would like to enjoy, or perhaps you know a bourbon lover, then order the America’s Bourbon Club. This three-month club will deliver to your doorstep a different bottle of rare bourbon so that you can try out the variety of whiskey bourbon each time. You can also upgrade your bourbon to premium or super premium.

When Only Kentucky Bourbon Gifts Will Do.

hero-banner1For those of you who already know that you only like Kentucky bourbon, the Kentucky Bourbon of the Month Club is right up your alley. Once a month, you will receive a hand selected bottle of fine liquor. The club includes a selection of rare and limited bourbons to try. Selection can include rye, Small Batch, or Single Barrel. With the Kentucky Bourbon of the month club, one of the liquors that you may receive is Elijah Craig small batch straight bourbon whiskey. This brand is classic. Elijah Craig started his business in 1789 and he is known to be the “Father of Bourbon”. With the small batch, you will enjoy the lovely aroma of honey, sweet corn, vanilla, and brown sugar. There is also the light taste of roasted nuts, molasses, and tropical fruits. Forged Oak is another possible bottle that you may receive. This beautiful bourbon has a flavor profile which is woodsy and spicy. With the aroma of candied walnuts, licorice, red fruits, and crème Brulee your senses will be amazed. The taste is of ginger, plum, orange, tobacco, and coffee. Aged 15 years and at a 90.5 percent proof, this is one bourbon that you must try. For yourself, or any bourbon lover that you know, the Kentucky Bourbon of the Month Club is a club that needs to be joined.

Bourbon VS Whiskey, Know the Difference.

If you are new to the bourbon drinking experience, don’t get confused as to if bourbon and whiskey are the same things. Although whiskey is bourbon, bourbon has its own definite characterization. In order for the whiskey to be considered bourbon, first, it must be produced in America. Next, it must be made from 51 percent corn. Then, to be considered bourbon, it must be stored in new charred-oak barrels. These characterizations are not found in whiskey. The last qualification is that bourbon will need to be distilled at less than 160 proof and go into the barrel at 125 proof and then bottled at no less than 80 proof. Also, bourbon is not allowed to contain any added flavors, colors, or additives. So you see, all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon!

Find Bourbon Gift Ideas for Any Occasion.

1_23_126Gift of the month clubs is perfect for any occasion. Perhaps your boss, brother, or best friend is impossible to shop for? No need to stress any longer trying to find the perfect gift. Gift of the month clubs not only come in bourbon liquors but an assortment of premium varieties. Choose from the Gin Lovers club, Vodka Trilogy Club, the Tequila of the month club, Connoisseur Wine club, and even the Cigar of the month club. With any of the clubs that you select, the recipient will receive a different bottle of the chosen liquor for three consecutive months. Once one club is over, try another! When you want to give a special gift to yourself, or have decided that a Gift of the Month Club will be perfect for someone else, contact us at Spirited, we will help you to create the best gift ever.

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