Bolster Your Romance with Bubbles: The Romance of Champagne

Saying, “I love you” to your special someone is important, but sometimes a special action or gift can convey the message in a new and unique way. For many people, the go-to gifts for romantic messaging include flowers, chocolates, jewelry or stuffed animals. A high quality bottle of champagne with a sincere personal message may be a much better choice.

Instead of Flowers
Flowers require timing. Your significant other must be in place in order for the gift to work well. If they stepped out of the office for the day, for example, the flowers will be slightly wilted the next day. Not everyone actually enjoys receiving floral arrangements, and there are even some people who are allergic. A bottle of champagne is timeless, can be saved for days and offers no assault on the sinuses.

Instead of Chocolates
A lovely box of chocolates is packed with calories. Often, they get shared with children or around the office in order to reduce the impact on the belly. A bottle of champagne can be savored on a special evening with the one you love.

Instead of Jewelry
Fine jewelry is expensive, so it really isn’t an anytime “I love you” gift. Additionally, some recipients prefer to choose their own items and there can be sizing issues. You can purchase a nice bottle of champagne for an affordable price, making it easy to romance your partner any time of the year.

Instead of Stuffed Animals and Other Trinkets
Although a cuddly teddy bear seems adorable and may even be appreciated, the truth is that most people don’t need extra stuff taking up space. A bottle of champagne can be stored easily, enjoyed with relish and will not contribute to clutter.

Certainly champagne is not the only “I love you” gift, but it does come with many benefits you may want to consider next time you are shopping for a romantic gesture.

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