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  • 9 Alternatives to Green Beer on St Paddy's Day

    I love St. Patricks day. The jokes, the social acceptance of pinching people, wearing green that brings out my eyes... But I draw the line at green beer... It's just not good, and if it was good beer - why would I put green food dye in it? I pride myself on being a bit of a snob in the drinks department- not too much, just enough to not drink green beer. Here are some drinks for St. Patricks day to class it up. Continue reading

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  • Proof that Wine is Healthy!

    Proof that Wine is Healthy

    If you are one of the many people that are worried about health (and lets face it, who isn’t?) you might start looking at your daily intake of sweets, fats and alcohol.  But, the one thing you don’t have to worry about on this list is alcohol, specifically red wine.  In fact, drinking red wine is healthy. Wine has all sorts of benefits you might not be aware of.  Red wine has a variety of ingredients in it that helps to boost your health and help with things like diabetes, brain function and even preventing colon cancer in men.  Red wine includes an ingredient called polyphenols which includes proanthocyanidin.  Despite the scary name this ingredient is one of if not THE most powerful antioxidant available and it’s all natural and found in wine!  Continue reading

  • Johnnie Walker Collection

    The brains behind LVMH have come up with the perfect gift for scotch lovers. The Johnnie Walker Collection has been redesigned and upgraded to get rid of the the average Red Label  and replace it with the coveted Platinum Label. The Collection stands out as one of the top whisky gifts you can send to scotch aficionado’s for any occasion.

    Johnnie Walker Collection

    Johnnie Walker Collection Johnnie Walker Collection

    He's a man who knows how to appreciate the best that life has to offer. She's a woman who knows that quality should always come before quantity. That's why when it comes to choosing gifts for scotch lovers, only the most spectacular will do.   Introducing the Johnnie Walker Gift Set of Blended Scotch Whiskey - because there's Johnnie Walker and then there is everything else. This exclusive gift set features four 200ml bottles of Johnnie Walker premium brands. They make for perfect gifts for scotch lovers and will impress scotch whiskey fans of all levels. This four piece set is guaranteed to make a sophisticated statement they will never forget.    The Johnny Walker Gift Set is packaged in a elegant display box featuring tasting note for all four bottles including: Continue Reading