The Hottest 2016 Artist Edition Bottles that are Guaranteed To Leave An Impression

We live in a, "it's old, get rid of it" society.  If it's broke, get a new one.  If it's used, get a new one.  If it's finished, get a new one. I think you get the point.  However, every so often you come across something that is too beautiful to throw away and you find a new use for it, repurpose it somehow because you just don't have the heart to throw it away. Every so ofter a liquor company goes the extra mile and has an artist create a unique, one of a kind bottle and or box to be released for a limited time.  These bottles fit this category and if you receive one for a holiday gift or give one as a gift, you can pretty guarantee that they are just too interesting to not to keep.

Disaronno Amaretto Etro

Legend has it that Disaronno Amaretto was first created in 1525, as a gift from an innkeeper to the artist who painted her as the Madonna. This Etro Design is the perfect gift for fashion lovers this winter. Although the secret recipe for the amaretto liqueur has stayed the same for nearly 500 years, the bottle that houses it has not. Its most recent look is a collaboration with ETRO, who drew inspiration from his 2016 Fall/Winter season featuring the signature paisley design.  This Amaretto Gift Set is a great gift for the fashion conscious drinker that will appreciate this adorned bottle.  The bottle is wrapped in a stunning ETRO design that complements the engraved glasses perfectly.  Mix up with some sour or cream for a great amaretto Etro cocktail.


Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 

This elegant Perrier-Jouët Small Discoveries by mischer'traxler Belle Epoque Brut 2007 Limited Edition makes a beautiful hand-painted gift. Uniquely designed by artist duo mischer’traxler, this gift set includes a collectable limited edition bottle of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque in a deluxe case. The design was inspired by their ‘Small Discoveries’ artwork specially crafted for Perrier-Jouët. A bottle adorned with mysterious butterflies to celebrate the 2007 Vintage Belle Epoque Cuvée. A white lacquered pencil case slide top gift box to cradle a bottle of the Cuvée Grand Brut. For the launch of these two limited editions, Perrier-Jouët unveils two new designs from the mischer’traxler studio. To cap this year of collaboration with the young designer duo, Perrier-Jouët playfully enchants the dinner tables of the  festive season.


Dom Perignon 

This limited edition bottle designed by Dom Perignon was created by Michael Riedel, a contemporary German artist. I think you will agree, this package really stands out. The Dom Perignon Champagne Limited Edition By Michael Riedel is a work of art, by using the letters D & P (yes that stands for Dom Perignon) he has created a unique pattern that is a work of art. Created for the 2006 version of Moet & Chandon's Dom Perignon it won't last long. This gorgeous bottle will make a great holiday gift or send one to your best clients. Don't wait, this Limited Edition will go fast.


Jose Cuervo Reserva De Familia

Jose Cuervo is a name that is synonymous with tequila and you can expect nothing but quality sipping tequila from the Reserva De Familia.  To highlight its quality they commission a well-known Mexican artist each year to design their tequila.  Because the art changes annually this is considered a collectable. This year's artist is Jorge Méndez Blake, explores the possible connection between literature, visual arts and architecture. Every aspect of Reserva De La Familia is handcrafted at the oldest active distillery in Latin America.l


Hennessy VSOP Privilège

Let me tell you, this bottle of Hennessy VSOP Privilège Cognac is stunning. Absolutely Stunning. AND if you display it under different lights (even blacklights!) the color changes completely. The label design for the 2016 Hennessy Limited Edition Gift Set was created by famed art & design duo, Carnovsky.  Carnovsky uses a multi-layering color technique which evolves when viewed under different colors of light. art-edition-6



Clase Azul

Each tequila is featured in a beautiful ceramic decanter, each one painted by hand by Mexican artisans. These stunning ceramic bottles look like they can adorn any home as a decorative piece in a personal

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    • I am happy this article helped guide you in your purchases. We hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. We offer a wide variety of gifts and have a really unique engraving option, for future gifts. Thank you again for your feedback. Cheers.

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