50 Reasons to Give a Gift

Do you want to save a little cash during the yearend Holidays?  Then give your clients gifts during other times of the year.  This is one of the ways that companies can do things differently than their competitors.  Instead of giving your client a gift during the regular holiday season, try giving that same client an alternate gift some other time of the year.

You will discover that using this little strategy will help put you a jump ahead of the competition.  Chances are the client will have tons of other gifts during the traditional holiday season, but he won’t expect to receive your gift during the middle of May.  Don’t over think this super easy strategy.  It is easy to come up with convincing reasons for gifting.  The following are 50 plausible reasons that will support year round gifting.  Go for it!

  1. Your client finally got that huge promotion.
  2. Your client made the extra effort to come to your trade show booth.
  3. Your client ordered his 1000th piece of merchandise from you.
  4. Your client welcomed a new grandchild into the family today.
  5. Your client gave you a referral.
  6. Your client placed an unusually large order.
  7. Your client came to your special seminar.
  8. Your client registered for your website subscription.
  9. Your client has a new partner.
  10. Your client has a new office.
  11. It’s your client’s birthday.
  12. Your client is retiring soon.
  13. Your client has been with his company for 25 years.
  14. Your client is recovering from a sickness.
  15. Your client welcomed a new pet into his home.
  16. This is the first anniversary of your client’s new invention.
  17. Your client is finally going on a long awaited vacation.
  18. Your client won a company sponsored contest.
  19. Your client helped to raise a big donation for a worthy cause.
  20. Your client just finished a huge and important project.
  21. Your client accepted your offer.
  22. Your client received a distinguished company award.
  23. You want to acknowledge your client’s favorite holiday.
  24. It’s Arbor Day and your client loves the great outdoors.
  25. Your client is hosting a dignitary.
  26. Your client is getting married.
  27. Your client has just launched a new product.
  28. Your client loves to hunt and deer season is about to begin.
  29. Your client is celebrating a wedding anniversary.
  30. Your client is a huge football fan and the season starts soon.
  31. Your client is getting his cast taken off today.
  32. You just want to send a gift of appreciation to your client.
  33. Your client’s child is graduating from high school or college.
  34. Your client signed on a new client.
  35. You and your client just made a huge deal.
  36. Today is the first anniversary of when your client signed you.
  37. You messed up your client’s order and you’re very sorry.
  38. Your client helped you to get a new contract.
  39. Your want to leave a gift at your next visit.
  40. Your company reached a milestone because of your client.
  41. Your client’s daughter is sweet 16.
  42. Give gifts to your client’s administrative assistants.
  43. Send best wishes to a client who is vying for a new contract.
  44. It’s the 25th anniversary of your client’s corporation.
  45. Your client was recognized by the local news media.
  46. The client’s referral placed the first order.
  47. Your client got accepted into a new business organization.
  48. Send your client a welcome to the company gift.
  49. Your client is celebrating a record sales quarter.
  50. Your client just received an honorary industry award.
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