Bottle Engraving Leaves a Lasting Impression

Completed with careful attention to detail, bottle engraving leaves a lasting impression on the recipient of the liquor gift. It provides a deeper connection, as the recipient becomes part of the liquor that the person is consuming, with their name or a simple message adorned on the side.

The following our recommendations for those seeking to utilize a bottle engraving in their next liquor gift purchase:

These potential gifts of liquor are beloved by our previous customers.

The Best Engraved Whiskey and Bourbon Bottles

The first item on our listed of recommended engraved whiskey and bourbon bottles is the high-end Macallan 21 Year Fine Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Engraved Bottle). As any professional will tell you, success does not happen overnight, rather it takes years of hard work.

Engraved Bottle: Macallan 21 Year Fine Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Engraved Bottle)The Macallan 21 Year Fine Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Engraved Bottle) is testament to that claim, having been aged 21-years in European and American casks that use the finest portion of each still. This allows the liquor gift to develop a balance of flavors that are complex.

When consuming this gift of liquor, the recipient is greeted with a delicate balance of tart, sweet, and bold flavors. This is a result of the ripened fruit, spices, vanilla, and oak. A bottle that provides such an excellent tasting experience should come as no surprise as Macallan, one of the most prestigious distilleries, has been in operation since 1824.

The engraving is completed on the front of the bottle. The engraved whiskey bottle has the engraving completed in a luxurious golden color.

The bottle has its origins in the United Kingdom and is priced for $825.

personalized crown royal bottlesA second recommended engraved whiskey bottle is the popular Crown Royal Canadian Whisky (Engraved Bottle). This classic item has the following product description:

We all remember our first taste of crown. Crown and Ginger, Whiskey Sour, it is so versatile it could have been a number of drinks when you had your first sip. And for many of us, Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey is still your drink of choice. Crown Royal is full-bodied, yet delicately smooth and creamy, with hints of oak and vanilla.

As time goes on you may graduate to the Crown Royal XO (also engravable) or receive a bottle of the limited Crown Royal XR for a very special gift. But deep down in your heart, you love the original Crown Royal in its royal purple bag. It calls to your heart as a Crown loyalist and the sweet taste just makes you more loyal.  For you, this makes the perfect gift. Engrave your name onto your own bottle of Crown Royal so everyone can see your loyalty and lay claim to what is rightfully yours. Cheers!

The bottle has its origins in Canada and is currently priced for $69.

A third recommended bottle engraving to send as a gift of liquor is the Jameson 18 Year Irish Whiskey (Engraved Bottle). This bottle is a favorite among many as an after dinner drink or for special occasions.

This is a perfect bottle for sipping, as it tastes excellent. The liquor gift has a mellow texture that provides an infusion of nut, spice, toffee, and vanilla, with delicate sherry undertones. Consumers of the Jameson 18 Year Irish Whiskey (Engraved Bottle) often become habitual drinkers of this spirit because it is difficult for competing liquors to compare.

The bottle engraving is done on the side of the bottle, in a vertical direction, with space for one long line of text with a bigger font, or three condensed lines of text completed in a tinier font. Regardless of which is chosen, the bottle engraving is hand filled in gold.

The Jameson 18 Year Irish Whiskey (Engraved Bottle) has origins in Ireland and is currently priced for $220.

Chivas Regal 25 Year Scotch Whisky (Engraved Bottle)A fourth spectacular option is the Chivas Regal 25 Year Scotch Whisky (Engraved Bottle). Careful steps were taken in producing this liquor gift, as it has been 25-years in the making. This is an ideal choice for bottle engraving because sipping this bottle is an experience hard to match.

This liquor gift is perfect for a variety of situations, such as watching a close soccer matchup with the fellas or to celebrate the birthday of the better half. Regardless of the situation, the taste of this Chivas Regal 25 Year Scotch Whisky (Engraved Bottle) stays consistent.

The flavors of the liquor gift can be described as vivid, having notes of ripened fruit, nuts, marzipan, orange and rich chocolate. The scotch whisky opens on the palate, then goes down smoothly, with a delicious long finish.

The bottle is currently priced for $499.

Lastly, consider the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon (Engraved Bottle), as the perfect liquor gift for a bourbon lover. When creating the bourbon, the distiller at Brown-Formans Woodford Reserve Distillery doubled the maturation, and the wood exposure.

Rather than allowing time to do the process, Chis Morris, the master distiller at Brown-Formans Woodford Reserve Distillery, “used an innovative maturation that uses two different sets of barrels that have undergone a pair of distinct charring processes.”

This is an upgrade from the standard Woodford bourbon. Added to the original is honey, toast notes, interesting spices and darker fruits. It is absolutely delicious and goes down smoothly. The flavor also makes the gift for a bourbon lover a willing partner for a cigar.

The origin of the bottle is in the United States and is priced for $115.

Purchase a Favorite Spirit with Bottle Engraving

Each of the bottles provided within this article are available for purchase today. However, with the holidays rapidly approaching, we recommend purchasing one of the recommended bottles as soon as possible because they sell out quickly.

These potential liquor gifts each look spectacular with bottle engraving. Whomever is the recipient will marvel at the craftsmanship and will tear up upon seeing the personalized bottle engraving.

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